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Dr.Bernard Bloom, Pharm.D

 Dr. Bernard Bloom received his doctorate in pharmacy from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2007. Dr.Bloom also received his Nutritional Therapist certification through the Health Sciences Academy. Working in retail pharmacy for the last 10 years, Dr. Bloom has gained valuable experience with patient care. He has been able to assess the various needs of patients coming from all different specialties of Medicine, including pain management, cardiology, endocrinology, primary care and allergies. Dr. Bloom has firsthand experience learning what patients need and what they are not getting. He educates his patients on different disease states, and best course of action to take in regards to lifestyle changes, nutritional needs specific to the disease state and pharmaceutical education/options. After seeing the constant frustration among patients over the last 10 years not getting the adequate health care they deserve, Dr. Bloom researched different ways to resolve current health care issues that patients are dealing with in today’s society. Dr. Bloom has discovered that by balancing the bodies’ biochemistry through nutrition, detoxification and targeted supplementation you can alleviate a multitude of conditions. This is accomplished by addressing the underlying problem and not just simply masking the symptoms. Dr. Bloom now has a private practice utilizing this patient-centered biochemistry (Nutritional Balancing) methodology to assist patients to reach their desired healthcare goals. Additionally, Dr. Bloom is researching how to enhance the efficacy of the FIRSTtx device by combining its use with targeted nutritional therapy to optimize the body’s biochemistry. Dr. Bloom is fully aware that when achieving health care goals all factors must be considered including, but not limited to, lifestyle, medications, nutritional status, psychological state and mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system…all need to be addressed in order to get the best results for each patient.