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It is always best to start by scheduling an "Is This For You" phone appointmentThis is a phone appointment with Dr. Bloom that will allow you to ask any questions you have regarding the program. This call will allow you to assess if this program is for you before you commit. If you decide to commit the fee gets applied to the initial consultation fee.

Once you have taken the step to commit to this life changing program here is how it works: 

Step 1: Fill out all Client Forms, and e-mail or mail the signed forms to Dr. Bloom.

Step 2: Schedule your Initial Appointment. Decide how you would like to execute this appointment, either by phone, Skype, or in-person appointment with Dr. Bloom. During this appointment Dr. Bloom will get you started on the program with detailed information and a hair analysis test. The lab fee is included in the initial appointment fee. Dr. Bloom may make recommendations like near infrared sauna and mental health counseling  during this appointment if deemed necessary. 

Hair analysis test for phone and Skype clients: If you choose not to do the initial appointment in-person you will be mailed a hair analysis test kit, along with detailed instructions on how to obtain the hair sample and where to mail the test.

Step 3: We will contact you! After Dr. Bloom receives and reviews the Hair Mineral Analysis results he will create you individualized plan, including specialized diet plan and supplements. We will contact you to schedule the first follow up appointment. The fee for this appointment is time-based and will be discussed with you before the appointment is scheduled.

Step 4: Order your supplements. Supplements are an additional cost each month, ranging in price based upon your needs (usually around $100-$200 a month). Supplements are ordered from Endomet Labs. 

Step 5: Figure out what type of relationship you are looking for during your journey. Dr. Bloom can help you decide how often and how many follow up appointments will be needed. Packages are available for clients, ranging from minimal time with Dr. Bloom to unlimited time.  Some packages include nutritional guidance and recipes. The packages range in price based on time and information. Please ask for more Information. 

Step 6: Retest every 3-6 months. A repeat hair mineral analysis is performed to make sure you are on track and changes can be made as necessary. 



Please remember Dr.Bernard Bloom, Pharm D. Is NOT a Medical Doctor. Dr.Bloom will assist in your journey of nutritional balancing to help reduce stress and balance body chemistry. He does not diagnose, provide treatment or prescribe for any condition or disease. Dr.Bloom also does not replace your Medical Doctor or Healthcare Provider.